Thursday, September 9, 2010

Propping Pakistan Plan Parries Petulant Pastor

I have been saved from major disappointment and despair, thanx to T. Thorn Coyle. My plan of plunking down across the street from Dove Outreach Center this Saturday with some really hugeass subwoofers and cranking up Dennis Leary's "I'm An Asshole" has to be ditched because I can't get a few of the ticky details together (the equipment, a sound permit, permission from the property owners, and a vehicle that will make it across three states).

Thorn, however, has rescued me from gloom and doom by coming up with a brilliant idea - making a counterpoint to all the Muslim-bashing dick waving by doing something productive and useful instead of polluting the air with burning paper.

You can help someone who needs it, and make a statement about being a decent human at the same time by going to the Doctors Without Borders site, and kicking some resources toward flood relief in Pakistan.

Cripes, for the past several years they've had enough crap to deal with on a good day - and what the flood refugees are going through right now makes those days look like a trip to a spa.

When was the last time you had to worry about whether or not you were going to eat today (or the day after that or the day after that)?

Or if your parents or children had a dry place to sleep, or a place to sleep at all? Winter weather isn't far off. We got people here in the US who've had to run from water; if someone helped you out then, think about paying it forward.

If you want to make a further point, you can opt for Morpheus Ravenna's also brilliant idea:

In the donation page, designate the donation to be made in honor of Terry Jones, with the card to be sent to his church at You can give a name or make your donation anonymously and hide your contact info.

Here is the message I included with my donation. You can use this, or better yet write your own message:

"Dear Terry,
Your attempt to spread hatred in the world through International Burn a Quran Day has inspired me to make this donation in your name, to support relief efforts for the Muslim nation of Pakistan. Let it be known that your actions will only inspire us to resist fear and hatred, and instead act to support and honor our common humanity with all people regardless of faith. May this act plant a seed of compassion that will grow and spread. May your efforts at spreading hatred and fear fail until you stand alone in this, or until you awaken to your humanity and find a new way of expressing your faith.

In love and hope,

Now, go forth and commit merciless acts of humanity - and pass it around too, huh?

** Note: on the Facecrack entry about this, I had stated that MSF's site would accept donations of one dollar. This was accurate as of the last time I donated; I do that to make a point. According to the current donation page, their minimum is $5.00 to process online donations. Five bucks isn't bad considering the changes credit card companies are making now, but I called the 800 line and asked about it. The rep said they were not able to take Paypal right now, but you can still donate less than that over the phone.