Monday, September 27, 2010

Pagans Invade Local NPR Station

"Why I love NPR, Reason #28"

On today's installment of Epic Win, we bring you Pagans On The Air! This past Friday, local NPR affiliate WFAE's Mike Collins did an interview on Charlotte Talks with some peeps from the Charlotte Piedmont Pagan and Heathen community. I didn't put out any announcements before the show because the last three years, every time I've set up something like this save once, it's gotten canceled or something, and I've been left with nada to show for it. So it looks like outsmarting the media may have worked this time. If you missed the live broadcast, you can hear the show here, or order a copy from the station.

I couldn't exactly expect them to do an infomercial on our upcoming Charlotte Piedmont Pagan Pride Day, so I did the next best thing and aimed for a broad overview focusing on the diversity of PHA belief systems and discussion about PHAs being a part of the whole community, not just some insular fringe group who wear a lot of tie dye and live in an communal old farmhouse with 14.7 cats. While that would be nice, it isn't accurate for everybody, neh? (pauses to blow the cat, dog, and other critter hair off the keyboard)

My Evil Plan was to get a plug in for this past Saturday's PPD as a segue, shooting off from points about needing to communicate with the general non-pagan public. If we're ever going to move past Hollywood stereotypes and Chick Tract style smear propaganda, we're going to have to do more educating and debunking. It didn't quite go that way, but they did include a link for CP PPD and got in a brief blurb at the end, and I'd be an idiot to complain*.

I'm tickled about the line of questioning Mike Collins and the producers went with. As a broad subject to the uninitiated, Paganism can look like a barrel of monkeys on double-shot espresso, and they did a great job of wrangling an unwieldy amount of information and tying it all together coherently. Corbie (Kennari), Heather, and Tony did a killer job helping untangle all of the material, and I think they definitely hit the "not what I was expecting" mark. Beer & Cookies all round!

By the way, if you had to miss CP PPD, or want more, here's a list of PPD festivals still to come. Showing up matters!

*I have, however, been told that it might be a public service to confirm for Ms.Gaffney that no, that was not your daughter's phone! The responsible moose has been carted off by llamas!