Monday, September 13, 2010

"Dude, you have no Qur'an!"

 . . . or in netspeak, "Sk8terboi Pwns Repent Amarillo For EPIC WIN!"

On today's installment of People Who Are So Far From Suckage They're Over Quota, we bring you a story of Local Boy Makes Good. Actually, several local people made good in this business with Repent Amarillo and their Terry Jones impersonation attempt - watch the video and give Jacob Isom and the Cool People of Amarillo the props they deserve.

If anything, the whole sorry clusterfrack of the misnamed, media-created "Ground Zero Mosque" flap, and Terry Jones' Book BBQ, and similar stupidities have given people an impetus to get the word out that these clowns do not speak for all of America. I personally believe we (ie, the Non-Sucking Public) outnumber the fruitcake boogerheads and raving asshats; they just get more airtime because some substances just attract more press flies.

So, who else thinks "30 Mosques In 30 Days" would make a cool movie? Then there's the folks in Tennessee who totally get that whole "good neighbor" thing:

And Western Presbyterian Church in D.C. had a bunch of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders over for lunch and a conference about speaking out against intolerance for any religion. Yeah, I know, most of them may not be thinking past the mainstream on that, but they still deserve Beer & Cookies for it. Besides, I'm a "gimme an inch" girl, and that's worth a couple of inches.

The Truth Is Out There - we just gotta make sure it gets more airtime than the garbage.