Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can we build a mosque on top of Allen West?

Unfortunately, on today's installment of "Things That Suck Rancid Pig Snot", we bring you toss out on the curb close to the trash cans Allen West, candidate for Florida's House.

West's denouncing of the Coexist bumper sticker and the ideas it represents is one more drop in the bucket of the Rarin' Rabid "Religious" Right and others' ongoing spin campaign against plurality. However, there's a silver lining; there are also those deserving of Beer & Cookies.

It's piecemeal with the ongoing war of soundbytes and slogans over the misnamed Ground Zero Mosque, which is neither a mosque or at the site of the former NY World Trade Center. The same cheesy rhetoric that throws any pretense of accuracy out in favor of whatever inflammatory spew will keep the bandwagon rolling, and doesn't care what it runs over. The one that really blows the mind is the Hallowed Ground/Outrage To Victims meme that's been taken up as the new Battle Hymn of the Theo-corpocracy - if I'm ever in New York, I am SO buying Daryl Lang a Beer Salute for his History Eraser photos on the neighborhood these people have declared to be sacred. Lilly O'Brien's, mebbe?

I find it noteworthy that a few of the people who have angrily insisted to me that "allowing the 'Ground Zero Mosque' to be built is a slap in the face to the 9/11 victims' families and an act of treason against the nation's security" cannot actually locate where NYC is except that it's "up north". One person confidently informed me it was "up there next to Canada, which explains a lot - French people, y'know". I'm curious how many of them have bothered to ask the people they claim to be outraged for what they think.

Add to the bucket the PEW report stating that an increasing number of people are convinced (and unhappy about it) that Obama is Muslim, and the groups who are screeching for a moratorium on any Islamic churches being built in the US at all. I'm not sure what's more :facepalm: ; that not demonstrating enough Christianness is the #1 smear tactic du jour; that "Muslim" has been made into an insulting accusation, or that people are rushing to prove OMG! Obama IS Christian instead of taking a "so what?" position.

That bucket needs dumping, and some scrubbing with Lysol. Aw, hell, just melt it down and turn it into a STFU Rock.

Now the good part: there are droves of people who are asking "where can I get my COEXIST sticker?"  Think I'll send Ted Olson one, to go with the Beer & Cookies he's already getting. (bows)

Update: Okay, Jon Stewart and team are on the Permanent Beer & Cookies award list, and I may have to change my blog again because embedded vids are proving finicky. Apologies if this causes more drag. But this is going on here just because it needs to be plugged:

(bows with forehead to floor)