Monday, July 19, 2010

Axis of Awesome - Four Chord Epic Win!

On today's installment of Things That Don't Remotely Suck, we bring you this wunnerful combination of NerdPride! and Epic Win:

They get extra props for the Rocky Horror Eddie nod and reffing Tim Minchin . . .

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It takes a village to raise a PSG Pt 1

Okay, caught up on laundry, tomatoes, and dog & cat hair removal now - it's what I get for doing PSG and then jumping to back to back shows.

I could post loads of stuff about Pagan Spirit Gathering that has already been posted by plenty of people (nudgenudge: go check out those!). Short overview version:

1. The creek rocks
2. They have their waste matter meticulously  accumulated
3. Notable absence of drama
4. The creek rocks 
5. Lots of accredited peeps and a distinct lack of "University of Oprah" popsyche or Positivity Police
6. Camp Zoe staffers and owner Jimmy are cool and on the ball
7. People yell "welcome home" at you when you go through the gate, and mean it
8. The creek rocks 

We've got some great local festivals, but sometimes it's just cool to be a part of a huge, international gathering like this. Circle Sanctuary & Co. have spent the last 30 years producing not just a PHA nature retreat or week-long party (neither of which is bad in itself), they've grown a temporary mini-village, with people who really believe in the gestalt entity, and bring a high operating standard to it as offerings. In fact, there was an excellent amount of being a Professional Human across the board, from Selena and Dennis and the rest of the coordinating team to the guest presenters to the Zoe staff who enjoyed the festival right along with everyone else. 

Temps in the upper 90's kicked our butts, but everybody more or less just dealt and tried to make it easier on each other, instead of using the heat as an excuse for drama. We all had workshops and things to go to, and most of us went Creekin' in the hottest part of the day. So people just left money and a note for anything they got, or Fran or Krystina or Harvest would come bopping over to let me know they'd left something with them. I can't thank our little block of the merchant's neighborhood enough for all the help, crafty tips, and generosity. Look these folks up; they rock as much as the creek does.
(waves to the crew of Greenman Emporium and Envy & Isis Readings, Harvest Hollow, Drums & Treasures, The Goblin Trader, Eyedance Photography, Spiralware, and Arthur Hinds for excellent Instant Tuneage while we set up)


PSG Mantra and a little bit of Zoe Recycled Art

Circle Sanctuary may have a Wiccan flavor, but the community comprises a full spectrum of practice and paths. After some of the flap we got over having the local Disabled American Veterans chapter at our Pagan Pride Day awhile back, I was tickled that they made a point of acknowledging service people, and having a Warrior's Blessing ceremony for military personnel, veterans, and their families.

In the next installments of "It Takes A Village To Raise A PSG", we'll bring you Wights Will Be Boys, Maid, Mother, Crone, & The Rest Of Us, and Lead, Follow, Or Get The Hell Out of The Way!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fag Hags Local 227 - Lifetime Member

Yeah, I know, my slack ass hasn't been on here in ages, and I have three or four separate posts on Pagan Spirit Gathering to throw on here when I get them done. However, this is going up right now, just for the Epic Win of it:

  Wish I'd had it twenty years ago in college, when people looked at me quizzically and asked "why on earth would a girl want to hang around with a bunch of gay men?" Would've saved me so much time . . . 

SGF & Eve is my next fave - it's all about the scarf, baby! Yahway!