Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School Officials Stick Up For Wicca

In the middle of a student's shop project turning into a full-blown controversy that's resulted in a teacher being sent home and a petition against witchcraft, two school officials in Iowa are calling for the public to be more educated about Wicca.

Superintendent Smith and Principal Thomas deserve thank yous for their handling of Mr. Halferty, and their statements to the media. Comments can be sent to them here, or by the email addresses on the Guthrie Center schools page linked above.

Here's hoping they can turn this into an opportunity for public education. It wouldn't be a bad idea to send energy or ask whoever you personally ask for help to watch over this situation, especially the Wiccan student. Seventy out of a total 185 students signing a petition against him, and parents calling in saying they're worried about Satanism and "sacrifices" make me think the rest of his time in school is going to be a rough ride.

Send those comments, guys. The more people in authority positions know they have support, the more they'll be willing to stand up for fair play for all belief systems. I called the high school office number to confirm the best way to communicate, as the superintendent's office number is "temporarily out of service". The office supervisor was tickled that someone wanted to thank them, said she would also pass it along, and that she appreciated hearing from a pagan about it.

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