Thursday, March 11, 2010

RePant Amarillo!! Erm, Repent Armadillo!! Waitaminnit . . .

Is anybody besides me tired of a bunch of fruitcake ("fruit-CAAAAKE!") nutjob control-freak brain dead spoiled brat bullies with delusions of sanity playing Holy Vigilante? Answer is yes, there are plenty of us who are way past annoyed with the troglodytes that make up the ranks of "spiritual warrior" groups like Repent Amarillo, who are taking a page from their Westboro Baptist Thinger (I'm not calling them a "church") predecessors and proactively amping up the hate rhetoric.

If someone wants to believe in their own backyard that anyone who doesn't comply with their personal beliefs or morality is filth and needs to be punished or taken out of the picture, mazel tov - they can stew all they want. Apoplexy has been known to be it's own reward. But when they give themselves a prophetic injunction to enforce that belief on everyone else, and ruin other people's livelihoods and personal property, and even intrude into their home space, it's even more unacceptable than the idea of doing a vinyl graphic wrap of on the statue of liberty.

On the whole, I'm not sure which element of RA's website is more ridiculous -the gunshot sound effects, the silly VTOL .gif, or the fact that their dog tag-ified symbol is a Texas Star pentacle. It's also hilarious that their harassment of Amarillo's Unitarian church appears to have entirely backfired on them.

The thinking human people of Amarillo are fighting back, and even if you don't live in Texas, you can show your support by joining the linked groups. You can also tag the folks who are going the "humor as a weapon" route. I applaud RePant Amarillo in particular - you guys are made of Epic Win! Also thanx muchlys to the people who have started circulating RA's "warfare map" as a guide to show support of the businesses, churches, and other places RA and their "street team" group Raven Amarillo are harassing. Again, if you don't live locally, you can still let these people know that they aren't standing alone by contacting them, or even helping the retail stores counter lost revenue by maybe shopping online.

While you're at it, it's wouldn't be out of line to drop a condolences card in the mail for Christ, and maybe some nice chocolate. I feel bad for the poor guy having to put up with these freaks trying to trash his rep.

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