Sunday, March 21, 2010

Epic Wins - Baby Zoo Animals

On today's installment of Epic Win (a subsidiary of Things That Don't Suck), we bring you massively cool Baby Zoo Animals!

The slideshow is kinda long (246 images), but it's worth it. Got a few critters you don't see as much of, like  mongoose, Tasmanian devils, red pandas, pangolin, snow leopards, and a species of goat-antelope I've never seen before called Sichuan takin. And as far as I'm concerned, every one that makes it here successfully is one step closer to being able to preserve endangered species, when wild habitat is being compromised to the point of non-viability all over the world.

Speaking of which: Gana, the gorilla at Muenster Zoo in Germany who lost her infant Claudio to a heart defect (has been reported as an intestinal infection by some papers) in 2008, has a new baby who is doing well. Gana got international attention for her mourning of Claudio, keeping his body and trying to coax a response from the dead infant. This is actually normal for wild gorillas, and given that she had rejected her first baby, was a significant change in behavior. Here's to smooth sailing with her third child!

Gana with baby, who may be named Claudia after her brother and "godmother", German television personality Claudia Kleinert.

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