Sunday, February 7, 2010

San Francisco RickRolls WBC

Go San Francisco! These people are my new heroes!

Thank you to Laughing Squid for coverage of this wunnerful response to the moronically rabid fruitcakes of Westboro Baptist Church. Apparently, WBC's busy weekend protest itinerary was greeted with the kind of warm, generous hospitality you'd expect from the City By The Bay. They're all awesome, but for me personally "I was promised donuts!" and the Rickroll Team are tied for first.

Gus diZerega is dead on in hoping that this will catch on. So, let the word go forth to every man, woman, and child (and also penguins and small arboreal marmots) who has survived this stupidity to set sail for wherever these idiots show up, armed with The San Francisco Cure.

First one who tags me here about the geekref will be the recipient of their very own custom sign!

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