Friday, January 15, 2010

Gaia/Yahweh Tag Team Match, or "Pity the Gods"

Almost every day this week has caused me to add to my list of people who force me to ask "Are you high?!" Seriously considering foregoing the flying monkeys and just suiting up myself.

I more or less expect mindbogglingly crackhead propaganda from dorks like Robertson and Limbaugh; they've been an embarrassment to even many heavily conservative Christians for years. Having lived in North Carolina's portion of Hurricane Alley from 1992 to 2005, I'm not surprised any more by the smugly selfish who carp about how "people who made the choice to live in places where natural disasters can occur don't deserve any help".

I am, however, Thwapped into WTF?! mode by (alleged) people who claim retribution from Gaia as the cause of Haiti's seismic disaster. As if the environment didn't have enough problems, we gotta have raving fruitbats sending the people who do see the point of responsible resource management and mindful behavior running, lest they be counted nuts by association?

This whole need to equate natural events with a blame game, regardless of belief system, is the most ridiculous part of it all. The world drops the ball at Copenhagen, so (insert deity of choice here) decides that the right action is to unload both barrels on not the wealthy, resource-wasting, pollution-causing nations, but on one of the most disadvantaged. Right. Sure. It's a rotten shame the Gods have to put up with this kind of insulting crap.

The only cause and effect that remotely makes any modicum of sense even on that bare edge of psuedo-logic would be to suppose Erzulie Dantor (whom I don't know personally, but respect some peeps who do) felt that someone hadn't lived up to their end of a 200 year old bargain, and opted to jerk a knot in their asses. Frankly, given that

1) no one
that was present then is currently alive to be held accountable

2) the level of devotion Mama Dantor has in Haiti and with world-wide practitioners of Haitian voudou is high, and the credit given her for Haiti's freedom is a most beloved part of the lore

3) even as a djab with a nuclear temper she is nowhere close to being that totally unreasonable or harshly demanding on such a scale

. . . I think that's pretty bloody unlikely.

Doctors Without Borders is accepting donations as small as one dollar. I tried it; it went through just fine. Plenty of us are out of work and broke, but we're not lying in the collapsed remains of our homes with injuries and no food or water in two days, wondering who of our friends and family are still alive. If a thousand people give a dollar each . . .

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