Sunday, January 31, 2010

Craft Attack! hits Charlotte Feb 6th

Got Valentine's Day?

Craft Attack!, the local Etsy handcrafters' expo, is having their winter show at The Atrium in NODA from noon till 5 pm. Portable Weirdness will be there, along with two dozen other vendors.

The Atrium is an awesome skylit indoor garden behind Amelie's French Bakery at 2424 N Davidson St, Charlotte NC. If you've never been to Amelie's, you're horribly deprived and need to be nicer to yourself. Google and Yahoo Maps show a correct location.

Admission and parking are free (Free parking downtown! Imagine!), and you can indulge in fabulous hot coffee, cocoa, or tea and gourmet baked goodies while you peruse everything from hand-spun yarn and textile creations to jewelry and accessories to pottery and home decor, all made by local craftspeople.

I can hear some of the guys now, going, "Eh, Chick Thing; wouldn't be caught dead". Dude, if you're

1) looking for an excellent V-Day surprise for someone
2) up for some superior carbohydrate consumables
3) game to see what people with a thing for blowtorches and leather do in their garages at 3 am

. . . you're there. Don't be a wuss - it's Equal Opportunity Cool!

And if Valentine's Day makes you break out in hives, or you figure it's going to blow roadkill this year because of some dweeb who doesn't recognize your greatness (or because you didn't recognize someone else's), come make it up to yourself. You can treat yourself to some caloric and material gratification and support your local handmade and small business community in one swell foop!

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