Friday, November 20, 2009

The Missouri 500, or Herding Pitbulls

Jakob, one of the Missouri 500 survivors

This past July, the state of Missouri saw the nation's biggest dog fighting ring bust, with the rescue of approx. 400 dogs.

Yep. Four hundred. Most living under conditions that make a battery chicken's life look good.

Dog fighting is bad enough; these bastards took it to mass production assembly line levels. And the mass production part of that added to the difficulty - several of the females were pregnant, and the count went up to close to 500 real quick.

The Humane Society of Missouri has not let that scare them off. They took them on, were awarded custody of all the dogs, and are now working on getting them redistributed for rehab and adoption. Jakob, pictured above, is on his way to becoming a therapy dog, and Fay, probably the most well known of the dogs because of her facial injuries, is getting help.

You're hopefully thinking to yourself "Crap! This is huge! What can I do that would be helpful?"

There's plenty of ways, and some of them won't cost you a dime, or more than five minutes. Come on, you've probably spent more time than that trying to remember what those little plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called. HSMO has info on donating (both $$ and supplies), placement, and advocacy. Pit Bull Rescue Central is doing a fundraiser right now, selling t-shirts to benefit HSMO. We got a couple; they look even better in person, and are 100% cotton, quality shirts.

Junior, the Missouri 500 poster boy

If you're completely dead-ass broke, you can still help, and all it'll cost is time. Email people, put a blurb on your Facebook, MySpace, blog, whatever. Write HSMO and tell them you appreciate the load they've taken on, tag your local rescue society and ask them if they're able to help. I'd love for you to help your local shelters anyway, but it's highly unlikely they'll ever take on this many at once. I hope there's never again a reason for anyone to need to.

"But Snooze," somebody is saying, "I can't send this stuff to my friends; they'll think I'm some kind of activist freak or something!"

Let's consider that for a mo - many of you have, at one point or another, forwarded animated gifs of fat guys' butts jiggling in speedos, limericks about picking your friend's noses, chain letters that say someone will be run over by a drunk redneck on a bush hog if they aren't forwarded to at least ten people in ten minutes, and worst of all, surveys. With glitter. And you're worried about what asking for help for these guys will do to your street cred?

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