Friday, October 2, 2009

Molts? We can has!

Excellent occurances! Portnoy shed!

Okay, maybe that's a little less important than the health care debate or the strife in the Middle East, but it takes a load off. Portnoy is the little Elephant Trunk snake (or Java File Snake) I blogged about earlier. I'm treading carefully with him, as I didn't find out till after I got him that the care info I was given was crap, and they're harder to keep than most snakes.

We were concerned because his eyes went foggy, per a normal snake before shedding, but then nothing for several days, and I wasn't seeing the muted color that precedes a shed in a dry snake. I was beginning to think his eyes were irritated by something, but voila, I went in to change the filters, and there was a completely intact, all-one-piece shed (that's a good thing, if you've never dealt with snakes much).

The joke's on us . . . ;0)

Miles' tarantula Meredith also cast her second shed since we got her. Was a little concerned about her too; our first really cool nighttime dip into fall weather was down around 51 -52 degrees, and I didn't realize her heater had come unplugged until I checked on her that morning.

They're both eating their fool heads off now - so far, so good!