Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wild Things . . . Wanna Go There

Okay, whatever you're doing, stop it right now and go watch "Where The Wild Things Are". I don't care if your nose hairs need evening up, and that large hole in your living room wall from the runaway cement mixer is just not that important. Go. Right now. Or I'll throw Richard at you.

A toast to Maurice Sendak, and the people who keep Jim Henson's dreams going. These two made monsters some of my best friends early on. I'm forever grateful that they shared their worlds with the rest us.

(bows with forehead to floor)

Where's your old copy? ;0)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Molts? We can has!

Excellent occurances! Portnoy shed!

Okay, maybe that's a little less important than the health care debate or the strife in the Middle East, but it takes a load off. Portnoy is the little Elephant Trunk snake (or Java File Snake) I blogged about earlier. I'm treading carefully with him, as I didn't find out till after I got him that the care info I was given was crap, and they're harder to keep than most snakes.

We were concerned because his eyes went foggy, per a normal snake before shedding, but then nothing for several days, and I wasn't seeing the muted color that precedes a shed in a dry snake. I was beginning to think his eyes were irritated by something, but voila, I went in to change the filters, and there was a completely intact, all-one-piece shed (that's a good thing, if you've never dealt with snakes much).

The joke's on us . . . ;0)

Miles' tarantula Meredith also cast her second shed since we got her. Was a little concerned about her too; our first really cool nighttime dip into fall weather was down around 51 -52 degrees, and I didn't realize her heater had come unplugged until I checked on her that morning.

They're both eating their fool heads off now - so far, so good!

Gimme a piece of your mind . . . .

. . . but don't get any on the carpet