Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Equinox On Your Door

Happy Mabon, kids! Here we sit again, on a hinge of the year, a balancing point before the weather lets go of the summer swelter and tips over into the creeping cool of fall. I'm ready for it - this summer wasn't bad, but I've lost most of my tolerance for days that climb up into the high 90s and sit there, petulantly refusing to come down. The equinox means we start watching the dwindling hours of light, but I tend to also mark time in how much of the day I can leave the windows open at home, and when it gets too hot during the day or too chilly at night to have outside air drifting through the house.

My personal Wheel of the Year has some modern day additions; we're close to hitting the time of year I call Flannel Jommer Pants Season, which overlaps with Homemade Soup & Hot Cocoa Season. These two encompass F%$#@ It's Cold Season and The Time Of The 24/7 Cheesy Christmas Music, in which my otherwise well-behaved radio becomes That Which Must Not Be Spoken Of (except for NPR, bless them).

I'm looking forward to ( I hope) going up to Grandfather Mountain with Miles (he's never been), showing him the view from the top with the leaves in color, and letting him meet some of Mildred's grandchildren.