Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Portnoy, Meredith, & Lucy join the tribe

The newest additions to the zoo are an Elephant Trunk snake, or Acrochordus Javanicus, christened Portnoy, Miles' cute little Curly Hair tarantula girl Meredith, and an Amazon Milk Frog named Lucy.

Portnoy's name is a nod to Bloom County, one of the things that got me thru school without strangling anyone. Much.

I had never seen any file snakes before I noticed these little guys at the Columbia, SC Repticon Show. I pumped the vendor for info (half of which turned out to be crap), then went off to pick other exhibitor's brains that I was better acquainted with. He passed the usual test; I walked away from the tank several times, and kept coming back to the same animal. Have wanted to rig up another aquatic habitat for some time anyway, so he rode home with us.

I have him in a 20 long, with large gravel, several fist-sized rocks, a resin cave, water hyacinths, and a load of java moss (thanks to Discovery Place for the moss!) Have found that care sheets on file snakes are kinda scarce; so I'll post anything helpful I find on here. Quality husbandry in the pet trade may be the file snake's hope for a stable future - e
vidently they're borderline endangered in Thailand from being harvested for skin trade. The raspy scale texture that gives them their names and enables them to catch fish to dine on is evidently tres en vogue for handbags right now.

Note to Pathetisad Fashionistas: right now, someone is sizing your selfish, vain ass up to make a pair of boots out of - you just don't know it yet. (sings "I Wanna Be A Statistic", rather badly)

I got my best info from Woody of A Walk In The Woods ; apparently the key to these fellers is security, security, security. Lots of hidey-holes and live plant cover. So far, he's eating like a pig (yay!) and filled out well. He likes to curl up around his water hyacinth at night and let the filter output push him around the tank. It's his personal pool lounger; all he needs is one of those floating drink trays to go with it . . . will try to get vids.

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