Sunday, July 19, 2009

Owning The Blue

Update on Liberty, the previously mentioned bald eagle that was released by the Carolina Raptor Center on July 4th:

Through the GPS tracking system Liberty was outfitted with, her last position was close to the Potomac River - she's flown over 400 miles since she left the Lake Norman area. You can follow her progress on the CRC site.

The two pics featured here are from CRC's Sean Merewood - there are more great shots on his site, Harvest Light Photography, and at the above link for the tracking map.

As I said before, between getting used to what this camera can and can't do, and me tripping over my own feet and other people, the vid footage I got pretty much sucks wombat snot. But since getting the other video didn't work out, I'll go ahead and post it :

Wish you good luck, safe flying, and plenty to eat, birdgirl. I love watching you guys own the blue.