Friday, July 10, 2009

Name That Tumor!

Hokay Spacemonkeys, a buddy of ours has found out that a presumptuous, ill-mannered tumor, completely uninvited, has taken up residence in her head, in spite of the fact that her brain was already living there. As Kierkegaard said, “Once you label me, you negate me", so we're going to do just that - name that tumor!

Contest rules: leave a comment on this post with your entry. The owner of the invaded brain will pick the winner, and I'll announce it in a later post. There will be a Prize That Doesn't Suck (dunno what it is yet; may be tailored to whoever wins). Will leave it open till July 26th.

Also, feel free to apply any healing/get outta here style energy and thoughts toward our friend's head. Just make sure that if you go for banishing-type stuff, make sure your aim is good. The rest of that brain works real well and she's come to be very fond of it.


  1. How 'bout,

    The Borg constituency of cranial encumberment!

    Resistance is, oh nevermind.

  2. Name it George ;)
    Sorry, all I can come up with right now LOL

  3. Fester (as in Uncle).

    It was the first thing that came to mind.

  4. IGOR. As in Dr. Frankenstein's helper. I mean after all the lab assistant did help the doctor with his operations and experiment.

  5. My darlin' Joe once came up with a name for a fictional character - a dirty, smelly, unkempt raggy man who had a rather thoggish, knuckle-dragging personality and intellectual capacity.

    The character's name was Snorri Goatbotherer.

    If using this name helps to eliminate the tumor, go for it.

  6. We have another suggestion for you.

    Call it "Spot".

    As in "Out out cursed spot!" from Macbeth. You know, when Lady Macbeth was washing her hands after the murder.

  7. Here is my effort:


    Gone...never to heard from or seen again (^_^)

    Love and light!!!!

  8. Got a new one.


    It's Lump! It's Lump! It's Lump!
    It's in her head.
    It's Lump! It's Lump! It's Lump!
    It's a better name then Fred.

  9. Call it either Bucho or Shu-chan or Shu-kun(from shuyoo...that's shoo-yo which is Japanese for tumor and chan if it's a girl tumor or kun if it's a boy tumor)

  10. Some serious brilliance here . . btw kids, I just now noticed that the comments weren't enabled for anyone; not what I meant to do. That has been fixed. Those responsible have been sacked. My sister was bit by a moose.

  11. I did not bite your sister!!!!! My nickname is Moose.

    ~Chris aka Dragonzmajick
    (skips away cleaning skirt out of teeth)

  12. Lord Buxton Pifflebottom the ONLY (emphasis on the ONLY part!)

  13. I'm likin' Seymour


    I have to choose a profile??? SIGH

  14. Sweeke offers:

    Hannibal Krendler Lectner Von Behemoth Leviathan Ziz.


    A Hannibal-style serving of this unwelcome mass to the nasty bloke that created it!


    At the banquet at the end of the world, the Behemoth will be served up along with the Leviathan and Ziz!

  15. Sweeke also offers:

    Name the lumpster "Queequeg"

    From SparkNotes:

    Moby Dick

    Ishmael, the narrator, announces his intent to ship aboard a whaling vessel. He has made several voyages as a sailor but none as a whaler. He travels to New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he stays in a whalers' inn. Since the inn is rather full, he has to share a bed with a harpooner from the South Pacific named Queequeg. At first repulsed by Queequeg's strange habits and shocking appearance (Queequeg is covered with tattoos), Ishmael eventually comes to appreciate the man's generosity and kind spirit, and the two decide to seek work on a whaling vessel together.

    Later on in Melville's story, Queequeg falls ill on the ship and has a coffin made in anticipation of his death. However, Queequeg recovers! So the coffin is used as a life buoy!

  16. "Chris said...
    I did not bite your sister!!!!! My nickname is Moose.
    ~Chris aka Dragonzmajick
    (skips away cleaning skirt out of teeth)"

    Damn . . . I was hoping somebody would . . .

  17. call it Maynard the Malignant and hope it does a vanishing act?

  18. Willie -- since he sings you are always on my mind

  19. My suggestion is:

    Igli (sounds like 'ugly' but with an I.)

    Igli is a golem in Heinlein's fantasy novel 'Glory Road'.
    He isn't alive, but an imitation of life.
    The more he fights, the stupider and smaller he gets, until Igli is nothing but an insignificant greasy stain.

    --- Miles

  20. Name it McLovin. If for no better reason than why anyone does anything... For the hell of it.

  21. Ahh the castings done, like grains of sand away doth blow this tumor grand...So Mote it Be.

    As to his name ..perhaps Sir Castaway Crispbottom comes to mind. As we all know what happens with the aid of both Physician and a grouping of witches. He burns it out and we crisp it deep within the Mother Earths depths.

    Lady Dale

  22. Name it simply "the tourist"
    It is hanging around annoying the locals, bein all flashy and gauche, and when he leaves, there is a sign of releif and he is soon forgotten!
    Dee (Darkfrostfox)