Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Name That Tumor Winner

Hey Ya'll,

Got this from the soon-to-be-tumorless friend late last night:

Last min they changed my surgery time to 6am on wendesday so the last couple of days have been really crazy... My choice for the tumor came down to hoffa and my husbands choice the-tumor-which-which-shall-mot-be-named an homage to hp and the sorcerers stone where Lord voldermort was im the back of querills(sp?) head. but i picked hoffa so I sorry to send this so late but if you could let everyone know about tomorrow, I would be really thankful. hopefully I should be back on by sat depending on my strength

So, everybody keep working on all the "go away" thoughts and "heal fast"energy, and Pam, your gift certificate for free coffee & munchies is on the way. You guys rock way seriously for giving her reasons to laugh while she's been going through this!

(bows to everybody)