Friday, July 24, 2009

The Muggsy's New Clothes

One of the many reasons that Liz of Celtic Savage Custom Embroidery rocks is that she does awesome things with colored thread; another reason is that she loves dogs.

I got the t-shirt I'd ordered from her at Pagan Wilderness Weekend 2009, and inside the package - goodies for Muggs!

I was planning on getting him another bandanna, but completely forgot about it (storkdonkey!!). Liz, however, did not forget about the 70 lb. lapdog pittie boy she met at last year's PWW, and sent him this gorgeous bandanna. Muggsy (unlike Winnie and Hoddie, our other two canine kids) adores "clothes", and when Liz made him one last year, he strutted around the campground like a supermodel. This one is also highly acceptable!

"Have Daddy, have clothes; life is good."

Winnie just doesn't get the whole accessories thing . . . .


. . . and I can't even put collars on Hoddie or her without Hodds chewing them off . . .

I'm fairly sure he's merely waiting for the opportunity to snitch it and use it for a blankie . . .

Celtic Savage will be one of the people selling their handiworks at Charlotte's Pagan Pride Day this year, and these are just the tip of her crafty iceberg. Some her own designs, some are with limited run copyright permissions (which means they won't be there forever!), all are quality work. If you're going "OMG, that is so frackkin' ROCK!", but aren't able to make it out to peruse the textiles, tag me and I'll get you in touch with her.