Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mater Sammich!

Vitally important information to all free-thinking people everywhere!

Cherokee Purples do, in fact, go very well with curry!

Picked the first of the 2009 tomatoes last night (got off to a late start this year with moving and being gone). First up is a Cherokee Purple, an heirloom variety I haven't tried before. They're odd colored little guys, hence the name, but the chick I got the plants from swears by them as a sammich (note proper spelling of food article made with homegrown tomatoes and Duke's Mayonnaise, as opposed to other, lesser bread-enclosed items) tomato. Next in line is a Green Zebra, also an heirloom experiment. Got it at the Cabarrus County Spring Herb Show, supposed to be a very good frying tomato. Pretty plant! The last ones are my time-honored gotta-haves, Romas. No Lemon Boys, Mountain Prides, or Grapes yet.

So, we had the first backyard tomato dinner of the year, curry beef stew with lentils and couscous:

Think there's some leftovers . . . .

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