Monday, July 6, 2009

"If you go forth on the fourth with a fifth . . .

. . . on the fifth you may not come forth".

On the other hand, bouncing out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after you've spent a day getting your pyro fix is vastly overrated. Especially if there are blackened, extra crispy things to clean up.

Was going to do a blog on the bald eagle release Carolina Raptor Center held this past Fourth of July, but I haven't gotten vid footage from Mr. Bumgardner yet (sends flying monkeys after him). I can't use the video I shot cuz I tripped over my own feet as she took off (beats head repeatedly on desk) and it's garbage. So, management has decided to put that off for a few more days (I'm real good at that) and go with some segue musings.

Gus diZerega's Independence Day offering serves up brilliant (cues Guinness guys) observations on the perversion of patriotism. He says it better (and with much less gratuitous vulgarity) than I've said it, so I'm going to add to it by pointing out a real patriot.

My buddy is in the US Army. He's tech support with specialization in medical equipment, and he was in Iraq for a total of four years. He does not agree with the "War on Terror", he thinks the Bush Administration was a load of pig swill, and while he's adopted a wait-and-see approach to Obama's presidency, he's lost any trust for his government or his chosen career, and frequently wonders if he's actually contributing anything to anyone besides being a number. His family has been on-off speaking terms with him, some on the premise that his attitude is un-American, others out of a conviction that he has given up moral integrity and is "promoting the culture of violence" by even being in the military at all.

What keeps him going? The idea of what the military would be like if he (and the other service people like him) left and all that remained were the abysmal cretins who couldn't give a shit about the Everyday Joe people they're supposed to be helping, or about tempering force with discernment, or about keeping your word even when your superiors have lied their asses off and stuck you with the resulting mess. The idea that sooner or later, his MO might become popular again, and the Army will stand up straighter because of it.

He's a real patriot. And so are the others like him, the ones who have, through this whole sorry clusterfrack, just kept doing the best they could with what they were given.

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