Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rocks on the half shell

Picked up some cool rocks recently; have no clue what they are (throws flip flop at smartass in the third row who yelled "Rocks, stupid!"). Seller said the geode is possibly from Iran; other seller has no info; he was just trying to recoup losses on a storage unit. Anybody got helpful input? (looks hopeful)

The detail in the pics isn't splendiferous, but the yellow ones look to me like calcite and fluorite, except that fluorite doesn't get all wavy like that, or does it? Ideas? Suggestions? Bueller? Bueller? (yeah, I know, done & done, but that movie is a happyplace)


  1. Notes on your stones: The one on the upper left looks to me like calcite as does the stone on the far upper right. But in the right hand picture, the stone on the left looks more like a raw citrine cluster. Calcite and florite sometimes do have wavy patterns in them, depending on how they are cut -- with or against the natural grains of growth. The geode is lovely and looks to be quartz inside agate of some description. ~Kestryl

  2. Those two pics are the same rocks, just different views. Cool, ain't they? Wish the guy would come back to the flea market.

    LOL - well, yeah, the quartz is kinda a gimme. What I'm curious about is where it's from. Most of the ones we get are either Las Choyas or Trancas - this isn't any of that material. It doesn't look like Keokuk stuff either. The closest thing I've seen yet is some Black Hill pieces. Also doesn't look like anything I've been able to find yet in online samples of Iranian geodes & agates. I tagged two guys in Iran that were in the directory, but no answer yet. Might not get one.

    Notes: these two pieces aren't halves. Of the other six specimens the dealer had, none were halves, all of them had the dark, brick red jasper with bits of brown jasper ring like this one, all had milky & clear quartz. It's hard to tell from even the bigger pics, but there're teeny flecks of mica in the red.