Friday, June 19, 2009

Pagan Wilderness Weekend

PWW is coming up next weekend, and I am soooo looking forward to it! Last year we had an awesome time, at a really nice primitive camping site, among People Who Don't Suck. We do have People Who Don't Suck here, but this is a nice big galumph of them, all in one place!

The event is put on by NC Pagans Outdoors, a courageous, visionary group of PHAs that said "Why the heck should we drive 11 hours to go to a pagan camp out festival? We got woods, bugs, and BBQ grills right here!" And thus a large field and WIP castle in Yadkin County, NC, got some interesting playmates . . .

Have promised Muggsy a new kerchief to replace the one Liz of Celtic Savage Embroidery made him last year for being such a good boy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rocks on the half shell

Picked up some cool rocks recently; have no clue what they are (throws flip flop at smartass in the third row who yelled "Rocks, stupid!"). Seller said the geode is possibly from Iran; other seller has no info; he was just trying to recoup losses on a storage unit. Anybody got helpful input? (looks hopeful)

The detail in the pics isn't splendiferous, but the yellow ones look to me like calcite and fluorite, except that fluorite doesn't get all wavy like that, or does it? Ideas? Suggestions? Bueller? Bueller? (yeah, I know, done & done, but that movie is a happyplace)

Mouthy Ramblings - now with more sprinkles!

Greetings, Programs!

Got tired of MySpace, dislike Facebook, gonna try this on. Will probably be the usual oddbins of rants/plugs/kudos/musings/gratuitous threats, with possible guest appearances by anyone who has something cool or noteworthy. There will probably be cookies. There will certainly be cat hair.